Eye Liner Treatments

Latino Eyeliner from £400

A larger flick on the upper eyelid to create the illusion of almond shaped eyes. For clients who wear a thick eyeliner and require a more ‘made up’ make up look.


Shaded Eyeliner from £375

A soft smudgy look eyeliner – for more of a yesterdays make up look. Not as crisp as a latino.


Lash Enhancement & Baby Eyeliner from £300

Perfect eyeliner – all the time! The eye looks more defined and the colour tone complements the eye colour perfectly. A small flick on the outer corner of the lashes, really opens the eye.


Lash Enhancement (upper & lower lashes) from £250

With subtle colour tones and application, this is the perfect treatment if you want improved definition without an eyeliner. Pigment is placed in between the lashes to give the illusion of more lashes – like you’ve had an eyelash tint.


Lash enhancement (upper lashes) from £200

Suitable for clients who want a lash enhancement but do not have enough lower lashes to have both top and bottom enhancement.


Lash enhancement (lower lashes) from £150

Black or colour pigment is applied through your bottom lashes to enhance your eye colour!